GOT WOOD   Hardwood Flooring
We understand that when the time comes to build your dream
home or rejuvenate your current home,you have many questions
about the flooring that you are considering. In this section, we
will try to answer the most common questions that are asked
about hardwood floors.
Why should I choose hardwood flooring? Hardwood floors are forever. We routinely
refinish floors that are over 100 years old. Also, hardwood floors never go out of style!

Which do I choose, prefinished wood or site finished?  Prefinished floors are
usually the best choice for an occupied home.  Furniture does not have to be removed
from the home and dust is very minimal.  Site finished floors give more options for
designs, borders, and flush vents.  Sanding and finishing on site is more involved and
requires several return trips to coat the floors before furnishings can be replaced, but
achieves a flat, uniform finish.

How should I clean my new hardwood floors?  There are many cleaning systems
available at various retail stores.  We offer Bona and Norton cleaning products, which are
the manufacturers of our sanding and finishing products.  Also, distilled white vinegar and
water, lightly mopped across the floors, does a fantastic job!

How long will the finish last on my floors?  Our prefinished and site finished floors
come with a  manufacturers warranty, depending on product selection. Your finish quality
will depend on how you maintain and care for your new floor.  Traffic, sunlight, and climate
control will affect the performance of any new floor.

I currently have prefinished floors, can they be refinished?  Yes!  Prefinished
floors of most kinds, even engineered floors, can be refinished in most cases.  You can
even change the stained color or make a stained floor natural.